How effective will the Rams Kams be in the refurbished secondary in 2024?

Neither Kamren Curl nor Kamren Kincens are guaranteed playing time, but when they take the field, will the NFL be ready for them?
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Kamren Curl
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Kamren Curl / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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The truth of the LA Rams secondary is that we haven't a handle just yet on what to expect. Almost none of last year's starters who faced expiring contracts were re-signed for another go at it, with the exception of veteran defensive back John Johnson III. But in the aftermath, there is a sense that the team may have rebuilt a better mouse trap.

But the Rams secondary is more in the architectural planning phase than brick-and-mortar right now. That is because the team did not extend starters Ahkello Witherspoon and Jordan Fuller. Even with the return of young defensive backs Cobie Durant, Derion Kendrick, Russ Yeast, and Quentin Lake, only Lake has shown the chops to be trusted to start for the Rams on a regular basis.

The front office recognized the need for secondary reinforcements. The shopping list was rather extensive in the 2024 NFL Free Agency market, as the team added veteran defensive backs Tre'Davious White, and Darious White, and picked up a scorching young defensive back in the form of Kamren Curl. As noted above, the team rounded out the veteran stockpiling by bringing back John Johnson III for 2024.

But as loaded as the team seemed to be for the upcoming season, there was still enough interest and room to pick up another defensive back. This time the new player was former University of Miami safety Kamren Kinchens, a young ball-hawking defensive back who not only adds great depth, but infuses a sly interception machine into this secondary.

Of course, the front office can only add the puzzle pieces who appear to fit the team's culture and specific needs. Now, it is up to the coaching staff through training camp to invoke the type of coaching, instruction, training, and drilling to forge individual players into a cohesive and communicative secondary.

New DC Chris Shula may not be following on the heels of a defensive coordinator who left the NFL's top-ranking defense behind. But former Rams DC Raheem Morris was superb at getting the most out of his defense. Now, Shula must not only match Morris's motivational talents, but he must diagnose and cure the ailments of this young defense for 2024.

With the addition of Kamren Curl and Kamren Kinchens, I assert that he is well on his way. Now, here's why: