How effective will the Rams Kams be in the refurbished secondary in 2024?

Neither Kamren Curl nor Kamren Kincens are guaranteed playing time, but when they take the field, will the NFL be ready for them?
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Kamren Curl
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Kamren Curl / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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Better than just a ball-hawking defender

It won't be easy for a rookie to crack this starting lineup, particularly in a season that has the team packing the defensive back room with plenty of talented veterans with a sprinkle of rookies. But Kamren Kinchens is no ordinary rookie.

In building the 2024 Rams roster, the front office recognized the need for a hard-hitting safety who can help put the kibosh on opposing running backs, leading them to identify and sign veteran DB Kamren Curl. But the team needs more in this secondary. The NFL is seeing a spike in tight end versatility, and modern NFL secondaries must have a defender who can outmatch the new wave of pass catching tight ends.

Besides playing like a Hoover vacuum cleaner and sucking in any football in his area, Kinchens is a stalwart defender who seems to flourish against bigger and more physical receivers, including tight ends: With the Rams facing San Francisco 49ers TE George Kittle twice a season, this secondary needs a tough DB like Kamren Kinchens:

While not blessed with blazing speed like The Flash, Kinchens has the processing power of a supercomputer when it comes to seeing and diagnosing the play as it unfolds in front of him. Defensive backs need that blazing speed when they are fooled by motion and must recover to reclaim the correct position. But Kamren Kinchens is seldom fooled, ensuring that he has plenty of time to beat his receiver to the right spot in time to meet the football.

His 11 interceptions in two seasons speak for themselves.

Of course, training camp and preseason games will dictate who starts for in this secondary. But I am eager to see how the synergy of Kamren Curl and Kamren Kinchens plays out. If the team does place both Rams Kams on the football field at the same time, great things are bound to happen.

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