How many 4QCs will LA Rams QB Matthew Stafford engineer in 2023?

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One of the factors that nearly nobody talks about when assessing the LA Rams 2023 projections is just how badly this team was banged up in 2022. I'm not talking solely about the outbreak of injuries to the offensive line, the secondary, and then the overall roster. I'm talking about the walking wounded, the minor injuries to tight end Tyler Higbee, outside linebacker Leonard Floyd, and even starting quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Because the LA Rams played very competitive football into the heart of February 2022, and if you recall were down to a skeleton crew on offense in Super Bowl LVI, the team was anything but healthy when their last season ended and nowhere near recovered when the new 2022 NFL began. That played a huge, but invisible, role in how ineffective the LA Rams competed a year ago.

Limping into 2022

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford was particularly suffering, with limited range and significant pain in his throwing elbow, Stafford's narrative one year ago was applauding the fact that he could even make the throws.

Some believe that the LA Rams won't get a full season out of Stafford. I respectfully disagree. The fact that the LA Rams invested their top pick, the 36th overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, tells me that this team is not just investing in the offensive line, but that the team is hellbent on getting every drop of NFL competitive play out of Stafford that he has left.

There may not be a quarterback on the LA Rams roster like Matthew Stafford for many years to come. After all, he was the first quarterback in the Super Bowl era to win a Lombardi Trophy as a Rams quarterback for the city of Los Angeles, California. And he can still win games. In fact, the LA Rams are so confident in the offense for the 2023 NFL season, that they focused most of their renovative efforts on the defensive side of the football for this season.

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Now the biggest question remaining is, can Matthew Stafford lead the Rams back to scoring among the NFL's top scoring offenses?