How many record-setters does the LA Rams 2024 rookie class have this year?

Can the Rams rookie class of 2024 set any All-Time NFL Records in 2024? Perhaps, if the dominoes fall the right way.
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Jared Verse
Los Angeles Rams OTA Offseason Workout, Jared Verse / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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Jordan Whittington: NFL All-Time Rookie Receiving Record

You might think that the very same team that catapulted rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua to the top of the NFL All-Time Rookie Receiving Yards list would have no problem doing so again. But the forces that aligned to give Nacua that opportunity to do so were the result of a perfect storm. The Rams lost veteran WR Cooper Kupp to injury. The team boasts one of the most proficient quarterbacks in the NFL, Matthew Stafford. And the Rams' offense in 2023 was perfect for an adept rookie receiver to pile up the yards.

The Rams did not draft Whittington to be the featured wide receiver, nor to test the backside of opposing defensive secondaries. He is simply the type of receiver that fits what the Rams offense loves to run, and that means blocking, running crisp routes, being physical, and putting up plenty of yards after the catch.

With Kupp back and presumably fully healthy, and Nacua back for Year 2, the same level of opportunity for rookie WR Jordan Whittington to be targeted 160 times this season is beyond remote. Without targets, don't look for another rookie WR to set records for the Rams.

Kamren Kinchens: NFL All-Time Rookie Interception Record

Another NFL All-Time Rookie Record held by a former LA Rams football player is that of interceptions. The NFL All-Time Rookie Interception Record is held by Night Train Lane with 14 interceptions in 1952. In fact, most of the top rookie interceptions are held by players from long ago. The top interception record holders of this century are Cleveland Browns rookie Anthony Henry who picked off 10 passes in 2001, and Buffalo Bills Jairus Byrd who picked off nine passes in 2009.

While I would love to see Rams rookie DB Kamren Kinchens pick off a few passes, there is little chance that he gets anywhere close to the all-time record. Quarterbacks have far more options to throw to now, and the NFL has modified many of the rules that protect receivers and quarterbacks who attempt passes. Don't look for Kam Kinchens to break any records this season.