How much money has Matthew Stafford earned while in the NFL?

Matthew Stafford has made quite the dough while in the NFL.
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Perhaps one of the more worthy statistics to be ranked high in, Matthew Stafford has made a ton of money in the NFL. Money may not be everything, but making a ton of money in the NFL at least means that they've played well enough to stick around for some time. And for Matthew Stafford, who has been in the NFL since 2009, he can say he's made a good bit.

He began his career with the Detroit Lions and played for them from 2009-2020. After the 2020 NFL Season, Stafford seemed to express a desire to play for Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams. All of a sudden, McVay and Stafford will play their fourth year together. Stafford is set to enter his age-36 season in the NFL, so time is ticking, and he's certainly on the back nine.

But, how much money has he made in the NFL? According to Over The Cap, Matthew Stafford ranks second all-time in career earnings with $328 million made. He's second all-time to fellow QB Aaron Rodgers, who broke into the NFL four years prior to Stafford. Rodgers has made $343,531,094 in the NFL.

Tom Brady ranks third all-time. For Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford, it may now be a "race" to see if either can be the first to hit $400 million in career earnings. Obviously, as the salary cap increases, so do player contracts, so Stafford has been able to take advantage of that. He's also been in the NFL for what is now pushing 20 years.

From being the first overall pick in 2009 to being a Super Bowl champion in 2021, Matthew Stafford's career has made a huge impact on and off the field. According to OTC, he made $219 million from the Detroit Lions and has made $109 million thus far from the Los Angeles Rams.