How much weight do positive reports over WR DeMarcus Robinson carry right now?

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens Demarcus Robinson
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The LA Rams offense continues to look to which wide receiver on the Rams roster will be the runner up target for veteran WR Cooper Kupp. So far, I don't believe that even the LA Rams coaching staff knows the answer to that question. After all, the Rams are bringing back WRs Van Jefferson (injury concerns), Tutu Atwell (size and experience concerns), and Ben Skowronek (production concerns).

While concerns are simply that, just concerns, the fact that the Rams' depth chart at the WR position is unsettled opens the door of opportunity for veteran FA wide receiver Demarcus Robinson. And by the looks of things, he has made his mind up to take advantage of any and all opportunities to secure a spot on the Rams roster.

If the LA Rams have a prototype wide receiver, the characteristics would be 6-foot-1, over 200 pounds, run an advanced and precise route tree, and be able to put up yards after the catch. In seven seasons in the NFL, those are the trademarks of Demarcus Robinson's presence in the offense.

Positive Rams reports over Demarcus Robinson becoming more frequent

While we had discussed glowing reports about Demarcus Robinson in a recent article about the Rams Training Camp data and reports and how to grade them in terms of team impact, you may notice that the glowing reports about Robinson's performance have now been upgraded. What were reports about specific plays being made in shorts and tee shirts:

He is now getting positive comments from LA Rams HC Sean McVay over his performance after a day of practicing in football pads. So how are we to interpret this? Well, going back to our 'How to interpret,' system, we are now in the proceed with caution area of interest.

While Robinson is not quite 'there,' yet in terms of securing his spot on the Rams depth chart or even the LA Rams roster, his stock is most certainly rising. Last season, the initial Rams roster carried seven wide receivers, but one receiver also filled the role of special teams punt and kickoff returner (Brandon Powell).

What will the inital Rams roster look like at the WR position as of right now? Well, Cooper Kupp is in. I expect that Van Jefferson, Ben Skowronek, and Tutu Atwell are in based on familiarity with the Rams offense. I would be shocked if rookie WR Puka Nacua would not make the roster.

That leaves no more than two roster slots for the remaining seven wide receivers on the Rams roster. By the positive nature and frequency of reports coming in about Demarcus Robinson, it appears that he should be penciled in as the sixth WR for the Rams 53-man roster. That leaves just one more slot to go, and will almost certainly end up as a punt and or kickoff return specialist for the team.

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How much weight do positive reports over WR DeMarcus Robins carry right now? Perhaps more than you may think.