How Stetson Bennett can win back his role on LA Rams roster

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When the LA Rams selected Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett with the 129th pick in Round 4 of the 2023 NFL Draft, the team believed that they were investing in a future quarterback who would handle the backup QB role. While his OTAs, training camp and even preseason experience were either promising or normal for a rookie quarterback, the 2023 NFL season was anything but satisfying.

But that is not to say that the window is closed for the young man who beat all odds as a walk-on for the Geogie Bulldogs football team to find success in the NFL. Certainly the slope to a full NFL career has grown a bit steeper, and the chances of wowing the coaching staff are a bit lessened in 2024. But the team selected Bennett for his audacity, his fortitude, and his competitive spirit. In the end, it will be those traits that earn his way back onto the team's roster.

The Rams need more than a guy who can make throws, and add yards by scrambling out of the pocket. To be the quarterback of the LA Rams football team, even as the perennial backup, that player must know how to lead others. And leadership begins with action.

Even as fans rush to judge Bennett a detriment to the team, I don't think that his teammates view him in the same light. Nor do the coaches of the team. If the Rams wanted to part ways with Bennett, they had every opportunity of doing so prior to now. The fact that the team is continuing to remain open to Stetson Bennett's return and chance at earning his place on the roster once more is not just kind, it's good business sense.

The LA Rams are a team that would rather exhaust all options before parting ways with a player. We know that OC Liam Coen was tasked with getting WR/TE Jacob Harris and WR Tutu Atwell more opportunities in their second season with the team. Atwell carved out a role in the offense. Harris, unfortunately, did not.

So, how can Stetson Bennett reclaim his spot on the roster?

How Stetson Bennett can win back his role on LA Rams roster

  1. Be present coachable and attentive
  2. Shrug off bad plays to regroup instantly