How Stetson Bennett can win back his role on LA Rams roster

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Be present coachable and attentive

The first step to reclaiming his spot on the team is to show up and be a model citizen. That means embracing the grind, and accepting the fact that it's the hard work invested today that pays off in solid performance dividends in the future. And from all of the training camp reports from 2023, Bennett knows the way to deliver across the board.

But one thing has changed for the young quarterback. In 2024, he is no longer an NFL rookie. But by the fact that the team has 11 draft picks to spend, and a host of roster slots to fill, we know that there will be many rookies on their way this season. Those rookies will come all at once, and many will be visiting the city of Los Angeles, California for the first time in their lives.

Having a veteran who gives them the time of day, helps them find the right resources, and perhaps helps them locate a favorite restaurant or two is the type of investment that helps to bind the team together. Much of the strength from the rookie class of 2023 is not just their shared passion for the game of football, but the fact that they genuinely enjoyed each other's company. They were often spotted out at any number of events as a group.

That holds true to any group of young men who forge themselves into a team. It's the shared time and experience that make strangers into acquaintances, and acquaintances into friends. When they become friends, there is an instant upgrade of trust, and a new sense of responsibility that develops among teammates. It is then that players truly have each other's backs.

That does not just happen organically. It needs someone to start the process. Right now, QB Stetson Bennett can become the catalyst for his teammates by showing up and being there for them.