How successful can the LA Rams team be in 2023 with a good offense?

Jared Goff, Rampage
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If you want to take a look at what the LA Rams want to shoot for in the 2023 NFL season, a team that is driven by a great offense, then you need to look no further than the 2022 NFL season of the Detroit Lions. The Lions boasted an NFL Top-5 offense but struggled behind the NFL's worst defense. Since we know that the LA Rams have shared the Lion's GM Brad Holmes, what can we determine about the Lions' 're-build' that can serve as a possible forecast for what the LA Rams are up against in 2023?

Perhaps more than you may realize. After all, the Detroit Lions offense was led by veteran quarterback Jared Goff, who was the former LA Rams quarterback. He was surrounded by a veteran offense, with the exception of second-year wide receiver Amon-Ras St. Brown. The 2022 Detroit Lions offense attempted 588 passes and 480 rushes. That's a balanced offense by today's NFL standards.

The Detroit Lions offense scored 29 touchdowns through the air, and 23 touchdowns on the ground. Once more, a very balanced offense by today's NFL standards. Finally, the Detroit Lions rushed for 2,179 yards on the ground and passed for 4,444 yards through the air. So the question is, how far off the mark is the LA Rams offense from that type of production if they use the Lions as the blueprint?

Where must the LA Rams invest for 2023 offense?

When you hold up the LA Rams offense to the Lions blueprint, there are several things that jump out off the page. The biggest outlier for the Rams offense is the quarterback sacks. The Lions played QB Jared Goff in 17 games and allowed just 23 quarterback sacks. The LA Rams, in stark contrast, played QB Matthew Stafford in just 9 games and allowed 29 quarterback sacks on him. All told, the LA Rams offensive line surrendered 59 quarterback sacks. So that has to be fixed.

Rams offensive goal III: No compromise. Fix the quarterback sacks situation