How successful can the LA Rams team be in 2023 with a good offense?

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Rams offensive goal I

The LA Rams play-calling in 2022 seemed to be oblivious to their opponent. When the LA Rams faced a stout pass defense with a makeshift offensive line, a steady diet of pass plays without moving the pocket or adding any wrinkles to throw off the defensive timing seemed a lot like chumming the water for sharks and then inviting the neighborhood over for an ocean swim. It wasn't pretty.

The Detroit Lions offense was able to run the football, and that helped to keep the pass rush from zeroing on Jared Goff. With more time to pass, Goff was able to target deeper routes, and the Lions offense was able to move the football at will and average just shy of four touchdowns per game.

While there is now some debate over how much of the 2022 offensive struggles were caused by the still-recovering throwing arm of QB Matthew Stafford, and how much was a result of limited protection due to so many offensive line injuries, the mood of the LA Rams coaching staff so far is that they expect both matters to be resolved fully for the 2023 NFL season. If that happens, then we are likely looking at a 2021 version of Matthew Stafford this year.

With Stafford's return to normal, Cooper Kupp will likely be among the top NFL receivers as well. But who will show up as the team's number two receiver? Will Van Jefferson finally earn that WR2 designation? Will Tutu Atwell finally show up and put up big numbers? In the Rams passing game, Stafford and Kupp are bound to cook in 2022. But the Rams need a true WR2 in the 2023 NFL season to make it all work

Rams offensive goal I: The Rams need to identify their WR2 quickly

The Rams have the pieces to step up on offense with or without an infusion of rookie talent in the 2023 NFL Draft. That being said, there is no way that the LA Rams emerge from Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft without a new offensive weapon for Rams HC Sean McVay.

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Can the LA Rams replicate the success of the Detroit Lions? Before entering this quick and dirty analysis, I wasn't so sure. But having compared the Liona to the Rams, I not only believe that it's possible, but that it's quite likely. As long as the Rams get an offensive line that can run block and pass block effectively, commit to a balanced offense, and identify a second starting wide receiver quickly, this offense could be among the Top-5 scoring offenses in the NFL in 2023.

So how good can the LA Rams team be in 2023 with a good offense? From what I can tell, the NFL Playoffs are not out of the question. If the LA Rams can put up points, and can find enough playmakers on defense to frustrate opposing offenses, this could still be a very good team.