How The Conductor conducts himself in 2024 will steer the Rams defense

Los Angeles Rams Kobie Turner
Los Angeles Rams Kobie Turner / Mike Lawrence/GettyImages
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III: He's learned from the masters of the craft

As discussed above, Kobie Turner did not just show up and perform in the NFL. Rather, he was given the lessons from both DL Coach Eric Henderson (the best DL coach in the NFL) and All-Pro teammate Aaron Donald. While measuring the effectiveness of a player's leadership ability is seldom found by analyzing his mentors, it is an adequate means of measuring The Conductor's leadership.

Turner was a sponge, gathering and recording every bit of tips and knowledge that he could glean from everyone last season, and it was his ability to absorb so much wisdom from NFL savant's that he was able to convert that information into such a dominating rookie season.

II: He is a natural leader

If you have never had to speak, act, play a musical instrument, or sing before an audience of strangers, let me be the first to tell you that nothing can shake your confidence to your very core in similar fashion. Kobie Turner's ability to sing the National Anthem with such vibrato and volume, while staying on key, is nothing short of spectacular. It's that ability to rock stadiums with his voice that positions him as a true leader made for the spotlight.

But on the practice field, there are no bright lights, impartial audiences, or a vocal range that can test even the most perfected singing voices. There is the opponent, teammates, the playbook, and an ability to properly diagnose and respond to the action that takes place in the field of vision. But to be a leader, a true mentor, a person has to know how to share knowledge. Turner is a gifted speaker. He is a person who is blessed with a disarming smile, infectious laughter, and undeniable proficiency at playing on the defensive line in the NFL.