How The Conductor conducts himself in 2024 will steer the Rams defense

Los Angeles Rams Kobie Turner
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Sometimes the best person to aid a rookie's transition to life and performing in the NFL is someone who is most familiar with how challenging that transition can be. It's not a factor if a rookie is actively seeking help, asking questions, and taking copious notes during meetings. But for a rookie who hesitates to seek help, ask questions, or struggles to notate key bits of information, a teammate who just experienced those challenges can reach out and pry those questions and concerns out of them.

But perhaps an even greater measurement of Kobie Turner's ability to connect to rookie teammates is the level of respect and authority he already holds with his rookie teammates. Despite the voting committee for the 2023 Defensive Rookie of the Year, everyone knows that LA Rams nose tackle Kobie Turner was the cream of the 2023 rookie crop. He dominated the line of scrimmage, defeated an unprecedented number of double teams, and dropped more quarterbacks like a sack of dirt than any other NFL rookie last season.

And because he was the best as a rookie, he has an automatic and natural authority to lend his advice and wisdom to a new rookie class who wants to do the same in their rookie season.

This is not to suggest that a power struggle will form between two camps: Camp Kobie Turner versus Camp Ernest Jones. Veteran inside linebacker Ernest Jones calls the defensive plays and will continue to do so throughout 2024.

But the role and responsibilities of an NFL defensive lineman is vastly different from that of a linebacker or defensive back. Defensive linemen are challenged by blockers on each and every play, and must not only diagnose and defeat blockers and double-teams, but must maintain vigilant awareness of the offensive play as it unfolds, and be in position to make the play.

No other NFL rookie did a better job in 2023. And it could be for that simple reason that The Conductor is the perfect leader for the team's young defensive front.

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