How to reconcile the LA Rams website official roster

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp
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If you wanted to get a complete list of who is on the LA Rams roster right now, good luck. From a team that started with 44 players under contract to a team that drafted 14 rookies in the 2023 NFL Draft to a team that then announced 24 undrafted collegiate free agents, the Rams roster, mathematically speaking, ought to be somewhere at or around 82 players (44+14+24=82), right?

But good luck finding that list of players, because they aren't there. For starters, the LA Rams have now signed 26 players to their roster after the draft. That's because the Rams' front office had a target of 32 players to add after the draft. So yes, they are still working hard to finalize their 90-man roster.

The Rams did draft 14 rookies during the draft. While we are still working on compiling and lining up each draft selection, you can check out our LA Rams Draft section for articles detailing each of the 14 selections made by the LA Rams throughout the 2023 NFL Draft.

And the official LA Rams website lists 49 veterans under contract. But that is wrong. The NFLPA salary cap report cited the Rams with 44 players. And before the draft, Both Spotrac and Over The Cap agreed that the Rams roster stood at 44 players. So let's start there with reconciliation:

Rams roster: From 49 to 44

The challenge with the official LA Rams website is that updates occur infrequently, and that there is no control document held elsewhere to confirm the totals. And so, it comes down to the old fashioned find, peck, and confirm task of someone to try to reconcile the list to source

  1. IOL Cole Toner is listed on the LA Rams roster, but he is currently a Free Agent.
  2. WR Lance Lenoir is listed on the LA Rams roster, but he is currently playing for the XFL Orlando Guardians.
  3. IOL Jeremiah Kolone is listed on the LA Rams roster, but he is currently a Free Agent.
  4. DT Khalil Davis is listed on the LA Rams roster, but he is currently on the USFL Birmingham Stallions.
  5. QB Case Cookus is listed on the LA Rams roster, but he is currently on the USFL Philadelphia Stars.

With this information in hand, we can safely begin to analyze the true LA Rams roster in the upcoming days.

Rams Roster: 84 aboard, 6 to go

To know what to expect from this LA Rams roster, we need to know who is on the LA Rams roster. And to do that, we need to confirm the information that is at our fingertips.

Now we know that the LA Rams roster is comprised of the following:

44 returning veterans
14 drafted rookies
26 undrafted rookies
06 unfilled open roster spots
90 man Training camp roster

Don't look now, but the LA Rams have 40 rookies and climbing on their roster. Not only does that make this team the youngest roster in the NFL, but creates an entirely new set of challenges for the organization and coaching staff.

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But now we know how many players this team does have, which opens the door to exploring just how good this team will be in the weeks and months ahead.