How well will the LA Rams defend the infamous Eagles Tush Push?

The Philadelphia Eagles QB sneak formation is virtually unstoppable. How can the Rams young defense deny the Eagles short yardage offense in Week 5?
Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jalen Hurts
Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jalen Hurts / Mike Carlson/GettyImages

The LA Rams face the Philadelphia Eagles at home in Week 5, a game that is going to be a significant test of just where the LA Rams azre in the grand scale of NFL postseason competitors. The Rams are 2-2, a team that has performed far better than expected this season. But like it or not, they have not faced a team this good all season.

The 4-0 Philadelphia Eagles are simply one of the best constructed NFL rosters in the league right now. Now, I'm not saying that they are not vulnerable, or undefeatable. But the Eagles roster has been assembled not only with a fine eye to upholding an incredible assembly of talent, but they have done so with the higher 25,000-foot level perspective of ensuring that the Eagles team has a balanced offense, a dominating front seven that can stuff the run and rush the quarterback, and a field goal kicker who is the best in the NFL right now.

But the one element of the Philadelphia Eagles that is so unstoppable in their version of a quarterback sneak, more commonly known by the nickname, the Tush Push. That play is an almost automatic score on short yardage for the Eagles in the Red Zone. And it's also just as effective when it is third or fourth down with short yardage to go.

Tush Push presents unique problems to Rams defense

In fact, the play is so successful that there is a rising movement among former NFL players to have the play outright banned. But that is where it gets . . . tricky.

The thing is, that the play that the Eagles have made virtually unstoppable can be run by any NFL team, and some have tried already to know success. The controversy of the play is discussed at length in the video at this link at the 3:00 minute mark. It's a fast-talking East Coast host in this podcast, but the information is a great smorgasbord of a crosscut of information about the Rams Week 5 opponent.

The LA Rams must face an Eagles offensive juggernaut with an unbeatable play in their arsenal. And the Rams' young defense has not exactly been truly tested at stopping an NFL team that commits to run the football. Here is Rams head coach Sean McVay in the Week 5 episode of "The Coach McVay Show."

The Rams defensive front has gotten some newsworthy production out of rookies nose tackle Kobie Turner and outside linebacker Byron Young. They have been beating expectations all season so far. You have to love the way the LA Rams rookie draft class of 2023 has performed so far. The Rams have gotten key contributors in all three phases of the game.

But new and real lessons continue for the Rams defense in Week 5. Will the Rams find a way to stop the dominating Eagles offense? Let us know in the comments section of our Facebook page.