If 2's company and 3's a crowd, the Rams are now crowded, and that's a good thing

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

If two's company and three's a crowd, then the LA Rams' latest news suggests that the team is crowded at the wide receiver position. After you look past the team's top two wide receivers, Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua, the team falls into scenario-dependant wide receivers.

WR Tutu Atwell is a small but swift receiver who can pressure secondaries deep. But he is not a player whom the team has entrusted to be on the field for all three downs. WR Ben Skowronek is a Swiss army knife type of offensive weapon. But he has struggled for playing time as well. His jack-of-all-trades versatility also serves as a detriment, as the team has sought to find a complement in the offense.

The team seemed to find a nice blend of route running as the 2023 season wore on in the form of veteran WR Demarcus Robinson. Robinson was content to be a third option receiver in the progressions, but was disciplined to make as much of his limited opportunities as possible.

In 396 offensive snaps over 16 games, Robinson hauled in 26 of 39 passes for 371 yards, 20 first downs, and four touchdowns. That is very respectable in this offense. The problem is, his 2023 contract was only good for one year. Despite the fit and the production, Demarcus Robinson was about to to test his value in free agency.

But that problem for the Rams and the player is solved. You see, Demarcus Robinson has been extended through the 2024 NFL season:

The vacancy in the offense that Robinson felt as though it could nag all season. Robinson is one of the reasons why this team roared back to win seven of the final eight games of the season. So how much did he sign for?

A one-year $5 million deal is more than his overthecap.com valuation of $2.3 million APY, but there are extenuating circumstances to consider. For openers, Robinson was primarily a special teams player until he was given a significantly larger role in the Rams offense in Week 11.

Robinson scored a touchdown if four consecutive games, beginning in Week 12 against the Cleveland Browns, and lasting through the Week 15 victory over the New Orleans Saints. Robinson was only targeted in eight games, and was only an active receiver for the offense in six games.

By extending him to a one-year $5 million, the front office views Robinson as a 17-game performer who can be counted on to deliver in 2024 what he delivered in the second half of 2023.

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