If there, will LA Rams select WR Marvin Harrison, Jr, in the 2024 NFL Draft?

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Reason II: Sean McVay covets adding Marvin Harrison Jr. to Rams roster

If the LA Rams were willing to ignore other players when selecting speedy but small wide receiver Tutu Atwell, imagine how much the LA Rams, and head coach Sean McVay, would salivate over the chance to draft WR Marvin Harrison Jr.

With Harrison Jr. catching passes, the Rams would be confident in any of their current hurlers throwing to him. Marvin Harrison Jr. has been clocked in the 40-yard-dash at 4.46 seconds, which is very fast for a player of his size. But he amplifies that speed with incredible route running, rapid cuts, fantastic footwork and outstanding reflexes.

Reason I: Marvin Harrison Jr. appears to be a sure thing in the NFL

There is no such thing as a 'sure thing' when it comes to the careers of prospects selected in any NFL Draft. The range of variables that may derail a successful NFL career are beyond imagination. But when considering the talent, background, and size of wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr., it's tough to envision him as anything less than a sure thing in the NFL.

Paired with head coach Sean McVay, Harrison Jr. would be an immediate candidate for the NFL Offensive Rookie Of The Year. No quarterback selected by the LA Rams would warrant that type of instantaneous and immediate discussion.

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The LA Rams will have plenty of questions this season and the next. And if the Rams offense does not deliver, well there will be even more questions. But whether or not the Rams offense scores plenty of points the fit of Marvin Harrison Jr. in the LA Rams offense is too good to ignore. And If I feel that way in the summer of 2023, imagine how irresistable he will be to the LA Rams organization in the 2024 NFL Draft.