Ironclad reasons not to sleep on the LA Rams offensive line in 2024

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How did Rams lure Jonah Jackson to sign with this team?

The Detroit Lions wanted to extend veteran left guard Jonah Jackson, but the lure of Jackson's reunion with former Lions starting quarterback Matthew Stafford certainly made an impression on the veteran interior offensive lineman. Of course, it didn't hurt the Rams chances of signing the first-time NFL free agent by Stafford's nearly flawless NFL Playoff performance on the road in front of a hostile crowd against the Detroit Lions.

Jonah Jackson is a 6-foot-4, 311-pound offensive guard who has just completed playing and starting four seasons with the Detroit Lions, and agreed to sign with the LA Rams in the offseason. While indepth research may reveal that his best season was 2022, a year that he committed four penalties and did not allow a single sack, he is an ideal fit for the Rams offensive line this season.

But pass blocking is just half of what Jonah Jackson delivers on the football field. In many ways, he is an even better run blocker, oftentimes seen pulling and racing upfield to lead a running play and keep nearby defenders from making a play on the running back.

Jackson is a solid young offensive linemen who is entering the prime of his NFL career. He sought a chance to compete with veteran QB Matthew Stafford once more. But the lesson of Kevin Dotson's spike in performance after joining the Rams in 2023 was not lost on Jonah Jackson. You could hear in the interview above that he is looking forward to a chance to put on a career season for the Rams this year.