Ironic problems that LA Rams 'superhero' rookie punter Ethan Evans creates

Ethan Evans Los Angeles Rams
Ethan Evans Los Angeles Rams / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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While the LA Rams 2023 rookie draft class has been expected to deliver Day 1 starters all over the Rams roster, we know that the historic success rate for rookies in the NFL is not going to support those lofty expectations. At best, these Rams rookies will almost certainly struggle through the learning curve that confronts every young arrival. Well, all except punter Ethan Evans.

In the grand scheme of things, perhaps a world-class punter is not the first checked off the shopping list for a future NFL Championship team. But the Rams have been there before, and the performance of former Rams punter Johnny Hekker certainly made a lasting impression on the team and the fans.

So why not try to get lighting to strike twice?

Ethan Evans does 'superhero type stuff' with the football

The only special team specialist drafted by the LA Rams was Wingate punter Ethan Evans. Somehow, that seems quite appropriate for the Rams overall strategy for the 2023 NFL season. Not only was Ethan Evans head and shoulders above other punters from the 2023 draft class, but his impact will not suddenly propel the Rams into the discussion for the NFL Playoffs by itself.

And so, the Rams can have their cake and eat it too, so to speak. You see, he is a piece to what may very well be an NFL Championship-caliber Rams roster. But to trigger that championship effect, the Rams will need to do some work to build a coverage team that can keep up with him.