Is this the NFL Draft where LA Rams pick a backup QB?

Sean McVay, Les Snead
Sean McVay, Les Snead / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The LA Rams will need to address their backup quarterback role at some point going forward. After all, the team witnessed how difficult the season can become when the offensive line is not up to the task of protecting their starting quarterback Matthew Stafford. And that struggle continued for any quarterback under center.

The problem is, right now the only quarterback with a contract to be under center for the LA Rams in 2023 is Matthew Stafford. The Rams have QB John Wolford (RFA), QB Bryce Perkins (ERFA) and QB Baker Mayfield (UFA) all projected to test the NFL Free Agent market.

Conceivably, the Rams could extend both Wolford and Perkins to ensure that the Rams roster has sufficient veteran quarterbacks to run their offensive installs during OTAs and training camp. But even if the Rams roster re-signs both players, there is still the perceived need for a game day quarterback. And yes, the fan pushback on extending either Wolford or Perkins has been noticeably negative.

Rams ten picks do not stretch as far as you may think

So what are the LA Rams to do in the 2023 NFL Draft? Curiously, this is a team with 10 draft picks and the potential to add a high-potential developmental quarterback in the draft, a position that the Rams have not addressed since selecting QB Jared Goff.

The tricky part is when exactly will the Rams do so if the team chooses to do so? After all, the Rams have just one pick in Round 2, 3 and 4 respectively. WIth perceived team needs in the secondary, offensive line, and edge rusher, do the LA Rams forego selecting an impact player for someone who may not take the field for one or two more seasons? But on the other hand, if the Rams wait too long, does it even make sense to draft a quarterback who may never develop the vital qualities needed to eventually start for the Rams someday?

The problem is where the LA Rams picks fall in the 2023 Draft. The team has picks at 36 and at 69, and then must wait until pick 136 to make their third pick in the draft. Unfortunately, the 36th overall pick is simply too valuable to use on a developmental quarterback, and the 69th pick is likely to be ideally positioned to grab a starting-caliber edge rusher or offensive lineman.

If the Rams wait until Day 3, however, the talent level of quarterbacks plummets. Tennessee Volunteers QB Hendon Hooker is long gone on mock drafts at that point. So will the Rams commit to drafting a backup quarterback to fill a future role on the team? Or will the Rams evaluate and be so committed to a specific rookie that the team will sacrifice the opportunity to address multiple positions in the draft just to get 'their' guy?

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That's a debate I will leave up to you to decide. For now, I'll just introduce the idea that this could be the draft in which the Rams do choose a quarterback. Which one? That will depend on the 2023 NFL Draft board and who is on the board when the Rams step up to the Draft podium.