It's already now or never for these five seldom seen vets on the Rams roster

It's 'Get your rear in gear!' time for these five seldom seen veteran on the LA Rams roster, or they may not keep a spot on the team.
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp
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I: IOL Logan Bruss

The mystery surrounding the status of interior offensive lineman Logan Bruss is one that we know even less about than the mysterious IR designation of Stetson Bennett throughout the 2023 NFL season. So let's go back in time and revisit the videos, press conferences, and reports about his status and progress one year ago:

2023 was a difficult journey for the young offensive lineman. He was beset by devastating injuries in his rookie season, injuries that derailed his entire 2022 rookie season. When he returned to the team in 2023, Bruss continued to battle through limited availability to participate in OTAs, it training camp, and his development and progress was completely derailed.

That resulted in the team choosing to waive Logan Bruss in 2023. And that minor surprising action was something that GM Les Snead addressed in a post-roster cuts press conference a year ago:

Press Conference Table of Contents

(0:00) Stetson Bennett
(2:50) Trading for Kevin Dotson
(4:20) Waving Logan Bruss
(6:03) Adding new pieces & building camaraderie
(8:15) Assembling the offensive line
(14:18) Sustaining success
(16:14) Late moves to the 53-man roster
(18:00) Finding an experienced OLB

If you prefer not to watch the video above, we have transcribed Rams GM Les Snead's comments about the young interior offensive linemen.

"Obviously, we didn’t think Logan was there yet. The goal is to still try to get him there. I think from the start with Logan, he came in playing right tackle from Wisconsin, we moved him to guard...then the ACL, then because of some injuries, we moved him back to right tackle. So there’s been a lot that’s occurred with Logan.

I don’t want to give up on Logan (Bruss) yet, jacked that he wants to come back because that is not easy. When we draft a player, release him, and probably release a player a little earlier than we would normally do, it is a lot easier for him to say -

Maybe a new ecosystem, new environment is better for me.

He really liked what was going on here. (He) felt like this was the best place for him to have a shot of improving and getting to where he thinks he can be and where we think he can be.

Rams GM Les Snead

Play by play coverage of offensive linemen is already sorely lacking in terms of NFL coverage. But once an offensive lineman is on the practice squad, that player is cast to anonimity. Out of sight, out of mind clearly applies to practice squad offensive linemen. But the practice squad is about development of backup and reserve players for future roles.

Road to return to Rams roster is very treacherous

For offensive lineman Logan Bruss, the road back has taken two different paths. The first is the course of any and every backup NFL player, progression and development of the traits, athleticism, and mindset that allows that player to success ascend to a starting role in the NFL.

But after such a devastating injury, Bruss has to battle the doubts, lack of confidence, and discomfort that arises simply from getting back in the saddle after being thrown off for more than a year's time. In that trek, anonymity and the seclusion to fight those battles privately, between himself and his trainers and coaching staff, is probably a very good thing.

Little has been spoken about Bruss so far in OTAs and minicamp, which you can interpret however you see fit. But as we had pointed out with other veteran players, the fact that the Rams drafted Beaux Limmer and K.T. Leveston in the 2024 NFL Draft, as well as signing OL Justin Dedich and Blake Larson certainly crowds the field for competing for playing time in 2024.

The Rams invested their most valuable pick on Logan Bruss in the 2022 NFL Draft. But nailing an offensive lineman remains a difficult task. Ultimately, despite injuries and setbacks, the path to a successful NFL career is on Logan Bruss's shoulders. And if he cannot reclaim his dream of playing in the NFL, at least he can take solace in knowing that he gave his all in the attempt.

As always, thanks for reading.