It takes hand-to-hand combat training to play like LA Rams Aaron Donald

Los Angeles Rams Aaron Donald
Los Angeles Rams Aaron Donald / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

When it comes to the almost inhuman abilities of 6-foot-1, 284-pound defensive lineman Aaron Donald, and his ability to overcome routine double teams at the line of scrimmage, what factors allow him to face and overcome such horrendous odds? Well, believe it or not, Aaron Donald does not train solely as a defensive lineman. Rather, he incorporates the best hand-to-hand combat techniques into his offseason training regimen.

Why? It makes sense. After all, Aaron Donald knows going into each and every NFL season that he will attract two or more blockers on each and every snap of the football. Rather than attempt to thwart the double team with standard football techniques, he pushes himself and the boundaries to incorporate a far more effective style of using his hands and his opponent's leverage to beat double and triple teams.

In the NFL, you don't get graded on a curve. No matter what the opponent throws at you, the only measures of effectiveness are based on overcoming at the line of scrimmage. And so, Donald has to train for any advantage. But rather than talk about it, why not let one of the most astute NFL analysts in the business, Brian Baldinger, show you first hand:

That's some impressive work. And it's a lot of extra work that not all NFL defenders adopt. Still, it's what gives Donald his advantage. Not happy with the video quality? Lets try it again:

The level of work that Aaron Donald must accept to remain at the elite level is beyond what many of us realize and accept. But he does it. Not for the money or the accolades. He does the extra mile because he is committed to becoming the best version of himself each season.

How will that translate into the 2023 NFL season? Well, believe it or not, Aaron Donald was injured in the 2022 NFL season. While some never noticed, others simply look at his annual statistics and are discounting his 2023 projections as a result.

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What should we expect from Aaron Donald this season? I think 80+ tackles and 12.0+ quarterback sacks is a fair projection, as long as he stays healthy all season. What are your expectations? Let us know in the comments section of our Facebook page. Thanks.