Jared Goff contract foreshadows Rams' brewing Matthew Stafford problem

NFC Wild Card Playoffs, Jared Goff, Matthew Stafford
NFC Wild Card Playoffs, Jared Goff, Matthew Stafford / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Stafford situationship is a complex conundrum

As stated earlier, the simple fan response often takes the perspective of simply paying the money, and guaranteeing as much money as necessary. But that may not be the smartest approach to take. You see, the Rams signed a four-year contract extension with Matthew Stafford in March 2022, worth $160 million. Of that amount, $130 million was guaranteed.

Now the guaranteed money is running out. Per Over the Cap, the remaining portion of guaranteed money is $31 million. While unlikely, that leaves Stafford exposed to a release that clears the Rams books of any monies due to him after this season. For an aging veteran, that is an unacceptable scenario.

Stafford is still playing under an extension that carries him through the 2026 season, and as stated above, is only owed $31 million guaranteed moving forward. What that means is that if the Rams needed to create cap space, releasing Stafford could immediately free up a lot of funds. The Rams have no intention of doing so, but if Stafford suffers a season-ending injury early in 2024, all options would likely be on the table.

When the question of Stafford's contract situation was posed to Coach McVay, he responded as succinctly and directly as possible:

"We were taking it a year at a time, but as long as he wants to play, we’re fortunate to have him (Matthew Stafford) as our quarterback."

LA Rams HC Sean McVay

Let's stay grounded on this topic, and not let the winds of whispers and rumors lift our feet off the ground. The LA Rams are committed to pay and play QB Matthew Stafford as long as he can and desires to play. The trouble is that no contract can be so omniscient that is can address every possible scenario that may take place in the future.

Stafford wants financial commitment and security for himself and his family. The LA Rams want to ensure that if Stafford is injured, or opts to retire, as well as ensure that the team has sufficient financial resources to appropriately address the quarterback position.