Jaw-dropping Rams defensive duo projected to top spots on All-Rookie team

Since hiring HC Sean McVay, the Rams have selected just once among the Top-40 picks of all previous drafts. This year, the team chose twice from the Top-40 picks.
Los Angeles Rams Kobie Turner, Ernest Jones, Byron Young
Los Angeles Rams Kobie Turner, Ernest Jones, Byron Young / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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2nd Verse, same as the 1st

The team certainly seem to be putting that theory to the test this season. While the initial plans for their first Round 1 pick in eight years had a variety of targets, after the LA Rams selected former Florida State outside linebacker Jared Verse, the plan instantly galvanized. The team instantly pivoted all focus on getting his teammate, former Seminoles defensive tackle Braden Fiske

Is it possible that two new rookies, outside linebacker Jared Verse and defensive tackle Braden Fiske, will not only follow the same path to shock the NFL this season but may actually best their teammates by putting up an even more impressive pair of rookie seasons this year? Well don't look now, but that is what NFL draft analyst Chad Reuter expects from the Rams defensive duo.

As we have learned from painful first-hand experience, the NFL is reluctant to honor LA Rams players because they hesitate to break the tradition of honoring East Coast players and quarterbacks with accolades.

And yet, NFL.com's Chad Reuter has already given unlimited support to the LA Rams pair of rookies from Florida State in this year's projections for the All-Rookie team:

"Rams 2023 third-round picks Kobie Turner and Byron Young were selected to last season’s NFL.com All-Rookie Team after earning nine and eight sacks, respectively. Verse and Fiske will be another dynamic duo, bolstering a team effort in replacing future Hall of Famer Aaron Donald. Verse will overpower and outhustle tackles on the outside to post at least seven sacks, while Fiske should benefit from single-block situations inside thanks to his workmanlike effort in run support and on third down. "

Chad Reuter

Reuter is clearly looking for incredible rookie production from the pair of Rams rookies. Now, how close to correct will he become?