Just how drastic is this LA Rams remodel/rebuild anyway?

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The presumption that the LA Rams know that the roster is plastered with holes and shallow depth at a number of important positional groups may or may not be correct. But the belief that the LA Rams front office is prepared to wade into the 2023 NFL Free Agency Market with fistfuls of cash to address the LA Rams roster shortcomings appears more and more unlikely.

There may or may not be a limited source of salary cap funds right now. But the evidence so far suggests that the Rams are not exactly swimming in available money. The NFLPA website that tracks the latest available salary cap space of NFL teams shows the Rams at just under $11 million. And that only reflects 44 players under contract for 2023. The off-season rules are the Top-51, so the Rams' next seven-player signings will reduce their cap space accordingly.

'Get him, get rid of him' has finally caught up to the LA Rams

We did a shallow dive into the remaining players on the defensive side of the football. Right now, the Rams' defense only boasts 21 of the 44 players on the current roster. Even more alarmingly, many of those players had limited roles in 2022.

The LA Rams front office appear to be calling the shots to a degree this offseason. The Rams past practices of 'gotta have him,' 'gotta re-sign him,' and 'gotta get rid of him,' has been nothing short of miraculous movement by LA Rams General Manager Les Snead. But it's an awfully inefficient way to restock an NFL team roster.

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The Rams are not strangers to what this team is undertaking this season. The Rams did a similar purge after the 2019 NFL season, when the team's offense fell off the mark and the team finished just 9-7. Then, it was the LA Rams offense that purged key contributors: Waiving veteran RB Todd Gurley and trading WR Brandin Cooks. But even as the Rams succeeded in forging a competitive team in 2020, and an NFL Championship team in 2021, the financial picture in 2020 was horrendous. To survive, the Rams kicked the can down the road into 2023 and 2024.