Just how drastic is this LA Rams remodel/rebuild anyway?

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LA Rams have a lot of work to do

Even as we continue to see reports of the LA Rams looking for veteran help, I do not see evidence that any such move is imminent. Right now, the LA Rams barely have the available funds to get the roster to the 51-man threshold. Any player beyond that point will need to be on an NFL minimum contract.

Few, if any, NFL veterans seek out an opportunity to play at the NFL minimum for a team that will be bursting with young rookie talent. In the past, the LA Rams had a reputation as a team at the cusp of an NFL Championship. From what we have witnessed in the 2023 off-season, it's a safe bet to conclude that the Rams can no longer count on that reputation to lure veterans into playing for the team in the 2023 NFL season.

That's not to say that the Rams have surrendered, or that this team's goal is to lose as often as possible to maximize the value of the 2024 NFL Draft picks. In fact, quite the opposite. It seemed that the LA Rams coaching hires not only had an eye on developing young rookiess, but in coaching up those younger prospects into NFL-ready players. We have touted the incredible track record of DL Coach Eric Henderson, and his ability to coach up NFL ready players from undrafted prospects. For 2023, the Rams appear to have taken his skillset to heart, and infused that same skillset wherever possible on the coaching staff.

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2023 is an exciting time for LA Rams fans

There is risk to any fanbase from enjoying too much success. It becomes set, part of the annual expectations, and creates unattainable goals that simply cannot be met. If the LA Rams hold true to what appears to be an objective of loading up this team with an incredible number of rookies, does that mean that the Rams fans will have nothing to cheer for?

I suppose that will depend on what each fan truly appreciates about the game. The LA Rams may not end up the 2023 NFL season with a better than .500 record, but what if the team finds one or two rookies who put up Pro Bowl type numbers? The 2023 NFL Draft is loaded with very good talent, and the more players drafted from the Top-150, the better off this team may be.

I cannot believe that the thrill of watching a young rookie develop into an NFL elite player is something that only I enjoy. It's the thrill of the journey, of watching young prospects contribute more and more toward the success of the Rams that is a real thrill. And it seems as though the LA Rams are opening the door of opportunity to a promising NFL future to 40+ rookies this year.