Just how hungry is Bobby Brown III in the final year of his rookie contract?

This could be it for LA Rams NT Bobby Brown III. Facing the final year of his rookie contract, it's his last stand. But perhaps his passion for football will prove to be the ticket to a contract extension
Bobby Brown III, Los Angeles Rams
Bobby Brown III, Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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When the LA Rams selected former Texas Longhorns defensive tackle Bobby Brown III, there was no limit to the euphoria and unfettered enthusiasm to this young man's potential on the Rams roster. After all, playing on a defensive line alongside All-Pro DT Aaron Donald is a privilege that few have come to know. And based on his draft profile, this Texas tornado was almost a sure hit under the guidance of DL Coach Eric Henderson.

But the seas to earning playing time on this team was never going to happen just my showing up. The mantra of the Coach Henny was #DAWGWORK, and Brown seemed to struggle under the grind first - compete second hierarchy. He saw just 22 defensive snaps in his rookie season.

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There was a renewed hope in his second year in this defense. But before the season arrived, the young man was suspended for six games to start the season. If he had mustered any positive momentum in his second training camp, that suspension derailed everything. You see, he was not only prohibited from playing in the first six games, he was denied contact with the team for six weeks.

Considering his rookie struggles to see any playing time, this was a huge blow to his second season. By the time it ended, he had appeared in just nine games, but had only seen action in 164 defensive snaps. Two years into his career, and he had just nine tackles and no quarterback sacks to his credit.

Of course, some of that is to be expected. Brown was injured in 2021, and suspended for a month and a half the following season. Earning the right to compete in the NFL is not a stroll down a country lane. It is a steep climb up a mountainside that takes a toll. Injuries and suspensions do not pause that climb. They have the effect of forcing the climb from the base of the mountain once more.