Just how hungry is Bobby Brown III in the final year of his rookie contract?

This could be it for LA Rams NT Bobby Brown III. Facing the final year of his rookie contract, it's his last stand. But perhaps his passion for football will prove to be the ticket to a contract extension
Bobby Brown III, Los Angeles Rams
Bobby Brown III, Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages
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Brown can put up a solid, if not outstanding, 2024

It may take Brown some time to get up a head of steam, but he does get there. In 2023, he put up his best two games just before he was injured for four games. When he returned, he had a nice four-game stretch before reinjuring his knee against the New York Giants.

If he can stay healthy for 17 games in 2024, Brown could end the season with 60+ tackles, 3.5+ quarterback sacks, and 10+ tackles for a loss. That is from the nose tackle position, a spot that he handles quite well despite the constant double teaming. That is a pretty respectable season for a young man who has yet to string together a full season.

And if he stumbles, he knows that rookie DT Tyler Davis will be breathing down his neck for a larger rotational role in this defense. That alone should be enough to keep him alert and focused. But perhaps more than that, Brown has to dig in to find his passion again. And the signs indicate that is exactly what he is doing.

In a recent interview with The Rams.com's Stu Jackson, Brown elaborated that he hopes to expand his role from run-stuffer to include rushing the passer as well:

"(I am) Just being hard on myself, being more detailed. But as far as I how feel, I do not feel no type of way. Pressure makes diamonds.
I have been more of a run-stuff guy since I got to college, even though I had five sacks my last year (at Texas). Once I got here, I have not played a third down to rush the passer. So now it is just a whole different world, being able to play my game going to a different world I have not played in a while, but it is fun.
I love playing football."

Rams NT Bobby Brown

A young man who loves to play football must master injuries and the challenges of competition to earn the privilege to compete again next year. But don't discount his mindset or chances. And whatever else you do, do not bet against Bobby Brown III.

And there it is. Bobby Brown understands the expectation and is tapping into his passion for football this season. He understands that there are plenty of opportunities to be had in the scramble to reclaim and fill in the huge chasm left behind in this defense after the retirement of Aaron Donald. This cannot fall upon one player. Everyone must step up.