Just like 2020, LA Rams master the art of halftime adjustments

Los Angeles Rams Aaron Donald
Los Angeles Rams Aaron Donald / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

At halftime, the LA Rams entered the locker room down by a score of 13 to 7. And as the Rams script from the 2022 season had been written, the LA Rams would find a way to stumble. It was a first half that showed a bit of fighting spirit from a young LA Rams roster. But the Seattle Seahawks were at home, were the favorites, and had plans to compete for an NFL Playoff berth.

Apparently the LA Rams did not get the memo.

This was a game where the LA Rams appeared to be the seasoned veterans. The Rams were not perfect by any means. But this was a team that found a way to show up in the most meaningful ways. What do I mean?

How about Time of Possession? LA Rams 39:23 Seattle Seahawks 20:37

How about Third Down Conversions? LA Rams 11 of 17 Seattle Seahawks 2 of 9
How about Fourth Down Conversions? LA Rams 1 of 1 Seattle Seahawks 0 of 0

How about Red Zone Efficiency? LA Rams 3 of 3 Seattle Seahawks 1 of 2

Rams second half? Outstanding

The LA Rams needed to rally in the second half to make up a six-point deficit. The Rams offense delivered on schedule, The Rams drove the ball 75 yards of 10 plays to take the lead by a score of 14-13. That was all this inspired LA Rams defense needed.

Even as fans debate who was the MVP in Week 1 for the LA Rams, let's pause a moment and give a virtual standing ovation for that Rams defensive showing in the second half. After allowing 177 yards and 13 points to the Seattle Seahawks offense in the first half, this young Rams defense slammed the door shut on the Seahawks in the second half. Not only did the Rams force the Seahawks to punt the football throughout the second half, but the Rams shut out the Seahawks, not allowing a point after halftime.

Of course, by allowing the Seahawks offense to advance the football just three yards in the second half, perhaps that all makes sense.

This was a young team, a nobody-will-see-us-coming sort of team. This is a Rams defense that felt energetic but young, talented but raw. Yet the way this team conducted themselves in the second half was a true masterpiece. The LA Rams offense was supposed to carry this team. But it was clear that the Rams defense did its part to secure a win.

This is just one win. And in the grand scheme of things, the Rams are now no worse than 1-16 this season, while the final record of 17-0 is still a remote mathematical possibility.

What adjustments? Some have scoffed at the idea that the LA Rams did anything differently. And that's okay, as everyone is entitled to an opinion.

I'll side with a former LA Rams defense back and Assistant Coach Fellow on this hot and controversial topic:

The Rams were 5-12 in 2022, and are 1-0 in 2023. It appears as though the LA Rams' 3-year cycle is alive and well. Stay tuned folks, as I think we have a brand new Rams season in tow.