Kicker Joshua Karty could end up being an incredible steal for Rams

NFL Combine, Joshua Karty
NFL Combine, Joshua Karty / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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When it comes to the role of placekicker, have the LA Rams ever had one of the best of all time? Well, you certainly have to mention Greg 'The Leg,' Zuerlein, the man who helped to propel the team to Super Bowl LIII. And of course, there was another placekicker named Matt Gay who helped the team win Super Bowl LVI. So it appears that if the team is serious about competing in and winning the next Super Bowl, they must find their next elite kicker. Per NFL Analyst, Gil Brandt, the Rams have only had one of the best NFL kickers of all time in 1990 when the team had K John Carney on the roster.

But the times they are a' changing. And with changes come new players, new faces, and new upsides. Many Rams fans are fully aware that this is a new chapter on defense, and we will have plenty to talk about throughout the summer as we pivot to the group overall and to individual players. But the talk so far has been about the retirement of All-Pro DL Aaron Donald, and how the Rams can manage to compete without him in 2024. Some players and even GM Les Snead continue to suggest to the media that the team is happy to welcome him back if he decides to unretire this year.

But are we missing an important changing of the guard elsewhere?

There are many positions where the team seeks a boost to the talent level, and one that needs to be discussed right off the bat is the team's kicker role. This team has done very well when the team has a solid kicker on the roster. When the kicker seems to struggle, so too does the team.

The Rams recent history of success has been linked closely with an elite kicker, so it falls to reason that if the Rams hope to enjoy success in the 2025 NFL Playoffs, then finding a solid kicker must be factored in as part of the equation. Did the Rams accomplish their mission to find their next 'elite' kicker? Let's investigate.