Kicker Joshua Karty could end up being an incredible steal for Rams

NFL Combine, Joshua Karty
NFL Combine, Joshua Karty / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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Karty can kick

Surely every website is talking about their rookie prospects, and touting qualities that make them ideally suited for a long and successful NFL career. This article, in comparison, is likely no different on the surface than many other articles you may read or notice. So what makes this article, and this player, so different?

For starters, Joshua Karty is no ordinary run-of-the-mill kicker. A former soccer player, Karty converted to football in high school and has been kicking the pigskin ever since. While many younger fans may not realize this, the NFL kicking position experienced a huge boost when the side-kicking soccer style was embraced in the NFL. Prior to that conversion, kicker booted the ball head on. But soccer players brought more power and accuracy by focusing on kicking the football with the ball of the foot (the part of the foot between the toes and the arch).

Karty kicks with the ball of his foot, but that is not all that he does.

Even before the 2024 NFL Draft, we gave the nod to Karty as the best kicking prospect in this draft, both from an accuracy and power standpoint. The thrilling part, as with any rookie arrival in his first OTA with the LA Rams, is that his draft profile has already been confirmed by his early performance. at OTAs.

Could Karty be 'the one'? So far, so good. I'm certain that as all rookies do, he will have some inconsistency this season. But if he can pull off making those long field goals with accuracy, the Rams will certainly be in the driver seat this season in terms of post-season competition.

If he lives up to the brochure, he will join the ranks of Greg Zuerlein and Matt Gay as superb NFL kickers for GM Les Snead and HC Sean McVay.