Kurt Warner: Rams have "Too much talent . . . no need for hope"

Kurt Warner
Kurt Warner / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The LA Rams fanbase seems to swing like a reed in the wind. A year ago, this was a team that was on its way to 'Run It Back,' and now, a year after winning Super Bowl LVI, the fans are grasping for any reason to hope for success this season. Of course the 5-12 2022 NFL season record for the LA Rams was a bit of a system shock, and it has been those huge swings in the team's success that has eroded the confidence of the fans.

Still, hopeless has simply not been a adjective that describes the LA Rams organization since hiring head coach Sean McVay. Now, the team has just one losing season out of the past six, and the truth of the matter is that in itself has been quite the accomplishment. This is an LA Rams team that routinely loses key contributors to the NFL Free Agency market, coordinators to take on head coaching roles elsewhere, and coaches to become coordinators.

Still, 2022 was the anomaly. That type of season where Murphy's Law ruled, and all of the success and postive momentum from past seasons ground to a screeching halt. Because the Rams season's futility was amplified by the team's inability to adapt to the conditions of the season, and for that matter, to gametime conditions and strategies, the Rams fans felt as though the rug was pulled out from under them.

Too much talent

If you need a confidence booster, take heart. Former Rams great, quarterback Kurt Warner, was able to address the growing concerns of LA Rams fans. While his answer seemed to be in a rather light-hearted spirit, he said exactly what needed to be said right here right now. In quick summary, the LA Rams simply have too much talent.

Kurt Warner said what needed to be said. The LA Rams are not only loaded with talent, the team is making seriously positive moves in resetting the coaching staff. There is more to like about the LA Rams than just the fact that head coach Sean McVay returning.

The LA Rams are no longer the defending Super Bowl Champions. This is not a team where everyone is lining up to get more money. In fact, this is a team that has in many ways been humbled. For true competitors, that will serve as a boost to their competitive nature. But if the team needed more incentive, there is the constant streaming of 49ers players whining about how close they were to winning "if not for . . ." and you can use your imagination to load in any number of excuses.

Rams return some stars

No, the LA Rams are not a perfect NFL football team. But just as the team was not as good as expected in 2022, this team is far better than it showed in 2023. The team's ineffective pass rush sprang to life in the latter part of 2022. The teams offensive skill players alone were without:

QB Matthew Stafford - 8 games
WR Cooper Kupp - 8 games
WR Allen Robinson - 7 games
WR Van Jefferson - 6 games
RB Cam Akers - 2 games

In the end, the presence of just the skill players for a significantly longer duration in 2023 alone will help this team find more victories. But that is not enough for a team that is eager to get back in the NFL Playoffs. This is a team that many have commented on needing a complete overhaul. But I would not recommend being so hasty as to throw out talented players in some quest for something that may or not be better.

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I side with Kurt Warner. Let's not fret too much over 2022. That has as much impact on 2023 as the Super Bowl LVI win had over 2022. It's a new season, and a new opportunity. I can't see the LA Rams missing on two consecutive seasons. Can you?