LA Rams 2023 NFL Draft strategy will continue well beyond draft day

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Coaching hires take on more importance

Perhaps the LA Rams are crazy for attempting to retool this roster in the golden years of veterans like QB Matthew Stafford, WR Cooper Kupp, and DL Aaron Donald. But perhaps we should consider another line of thought. Are the LA Rams are crazy like a fox?

There has been a great ballyhoo about the depth of the 2023 NFL Draft class. If the LA Rams leveraged that depth by shaving their roster to a bare minimum, and then sign a ton of talented rookies to the roster, not only will the team have one of the cheapest NFL rosters, but the Rams will have one of the youngest NFL rosters as well, so young that the NFL Free Agency market will not be seeing many ex-Rams players for a few years.

Coaching is the key in 2023

The only hiccup to that plan of loading up on young players is the overwhelming burden placed upon the coaching staff. Only certain coaches can handle coaching up rookies, and perhaps even fewer are comfortable in doing so. It's becoming more and more likely that the LA Rams training camp rookie for the 2023 NFL season could be nearly 50 percent comprised of rookie players.

Does that concern you? It may or may not pan out for the LA Rams, but either way, this is a clever win-win strategy. If the LA Rams find competent rookies, by the time the 2024 season arrives most will have not only NFL experience, but playing time. If the LA Rams do not do well, the experience has still accumulated, and the LA Rams 2024 NFL Draft picks, which do include a first-round pick, are extremely valuable.

Tank? No. Merely turning the LA Rams shortage of cash today into an incredible advantage tomorrow.

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Don't be so quick to fret. The LA Rams are not the 'can't draft, can't win,' team that many have labled this team to be. To build higher, you must sometimes start by reinforcing the foundation. The Rams plan to reach higher, so they are simply doing the foundation work now.