LA Rams 2023 NFL season is about to get much better, thanks to these players

With a BYE, the LA Rams second half of the season is about to get much better, and here are some players who will ensure that will happen.
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Upgrade II: RB Royce Freeman

I won't lie to anyone. I have a bias towards the Rams offense having a big ole strong running back, and that is exactly what veteran RB Royce Freeman is. So far, the Rams have not taken advantage of what Freeman brings to the offense. But that could be changing.

Even as the LA Rams anticipate the return of RB Kyren Williams on or after Week 12, and a commitment to get rookie RB Zach Evans more playing time is on the table, I believe that the Rams need to expand running back Royce Freeman's role in this offense.

The LA Rams have no other big power back in this offense. Similarly, Royce Freeman has not experienced a season like this since he averaged 4.9 yards per run in his third season with the Denver Broncos. So far for the Rams, Freeman has rushed just 33 times for 142 yards and one touchdown. Despite fewer carries than Darrell Henderson, he has more yards. In fact, he is the runner up in terms of rushing yards on the Rams roster.

Freeman could help unlock the Rams offense

As the LA Rams rehab, recover, and regroup during their Week 10 BYE, the team needs to place more emphasis on running the football. In order to do that, the Rams will need to lean more heavily on Freeman to get the job done. I'm not suggesting that other players cannot do the job. I'm simply recognizing the fact that as the Rams burden the lighter runners on the roster like Kyren Williams, Ronnie Rivers, and Darrell Henderson Jr., those runners tend to get too banged up to shoulder the load in consecutive weeks.

A big and powerful running back like Royce Freeman not only can handle that level of work, he actually gets stronger as he gets more carries. As we have seen in several of the Rams wins this season, when the Rams generate a strong running game, not only does the passing attack benefit, but the Rams defense gets a boost as well.

So why don't the Rams emphasize the running game more? I truly do not have the answer to that one. All I can do is hope, and believe that the last three games with Freeman averaging 11 runs and nearly 50 yards per game continues after the BYE.