L.A. Rams 5-Round 2024 NFL Mock Draft: A potential Stafford heir and a big trade up

Did the Rams find their next franchise quarterback, here?

L.A. Rams, 2024 NFL Draft
L.A. Rams, 2024 NFL Draft / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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Here is your dart throw by McVay and company. But, it is a calculated dart throw. Matthew Stafford isn't retiring just yet, and could be in position where grooming his ultimate replacement becomes a reality.

In the third round, the Rams select Tulane quarterback Michael Pratt, who comes in similar to Stafford in many ways. For starters, they both stand 6-foot-3 and are mostly pocket passers.

Pratt sees the field very well. He can go through his progressions and throws with anticipation, which is something many young quarterbacks have a tough time doing. Anticipating route breaks and throwing your receivers open is a trait that you need to have if you're to be an above-average quarterback in today's league.

Watching his throwing motion, Pratt looks like an NFL quarterback. It's a fluid motion and he's good at setting his feet, throwing off a firm base. Some question his arm strength, but he can make most of the throws necessary to become a solid starting quarterback. With a year or two of learning behind Stafford and a top-tier coach in McVay, Pratt is in a great spot.

In four years (46 games) with Tulane, Pratt threw for 9,611 yards, 90 touchdowns and 26 interceptions.