L.A. Rams 5-Round 2024 NFL Mock Draft: A potential Stafford heir and a big trade up

Did the Rams find their next franchise quarterback, here?

L.A. Rams, 2024 NFL Draft
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Although the Rams defense played better than expected in 2023, they still need to add talent at all three levels, so after snagging Nubin in the second round, they go to the second level and select another Big Ten defender in Michigan's Michael Barrett.

The six-foot Barrett comes into the NFL as a linebacker who is better off the ball and in coverage. That's where his strengths lay. He doesn't have the length you want to see at the NFL level, but what he lacks in length he makes up for in sound tackling.

He can definitely match up with tight ends in coverage and keep up, physically. That's something that will come into play more than ever, with the tight end position continuing to evolve. We see more and more threats developing at that position and I don't think it's going to stop anytime soon. Barrett is deployable against those types in coverage, for sure.

In the run game, Barrett needs to display better instincts. That's why he'll fall as a Day 3 prospect, primarily. As a rookie, he will likely come in as a role player and a situational type. But, if he develops further as a run-stopper, he'll have a good shot to become a starter in the near future.