LA Rams 2024 playoff schedule: Game days, start times, opponents

With the 2023 NFL season in the record books, what awaits the LA Rams in the Wild Card Round of the 2024 NFL Playoffs?

Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The LA Rams beat the odds, and are heading to the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs. Since this is an unexpected turn of events, many fans may not have paid much attention to the LA Rams possible playoff opponents. After all, many fans expressed adherence to any possible playoff game as something to look into once the LA Rams got there.

The Rams beat the best team in the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers, on the road by a score of 21-20. In the game, LA Rams rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua set two NFL rookie receiving records. This was the game that we all hoped it would be. Even down to the fact that the LA Rams rushing leader in Week 18 was, wait for it . . .
QB Carson Wentz

Well, now that the 2023 regular season is officially in the books, the LA Rams can now turn their attention to the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs. And I think this first matchup will be well worth the wait. The LA Rams plowed through the competition after their Week 10 BYE and ripped the competition apart for a 7-1 run to get to the NFL Playoffs for the fifth time in seven years.

The Rams did not start the season in the way that they had hoped, losing six of their first nine regular-season games, including a Week 2 contest to the San Francisco 49ers to extend that perplexing losing streak to nine. But as is the case for young teams, they got better quickly.

Thankfully, the Rams will no longer need to await another season to try to halt the perilous pattern of losing to the 49ers in regular season games. The Rams victory over the 49ers is not just a regular season win. The Rams victory is not just a win that preserves their sixth-seed in the upcoming NFL Playoffs. The win is an emotional powderkeg that just added to the bonfire of the Rams this season.

What seed are the LA Rams in the playoffs?

The LA Rams earned the No. 6 seed in the NFC by finishing the season with a 10-7 record after a 21-20 road victory over the San Francisco 49ers to end the season. The Rams were edged out of the sixth seed by the Green Bay Packers by finishing the season tied with the same record. The Packers defeated the Bears to end their 2023 NFL season by a score of 7-6. The Rams had lost to the Green Bay Packers by losing their head-to-head game in Week 9 due to an injury to Matthew Stafford

The Philadelphia Eagles fall to the fifth seed by going 11-6 after to the New York Giants by a score of 27-10. They will travel to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-8) to play their Wild Card Round.

Who will the Rams meet in the playoffs?

The top-seeded NFC team for the NFC Playoffs, the San Francisco 49ers, have earned a BYE. The Rams, as the sixth-seeded team, will face the third-seeded NFC team, the Detroit Lions in the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs. The Green Bay Packers (9-8) will travel to take on the Dallas Cowboys (12-5)

For the Rams, this was the matchup that everyone wanted, as it pits former Lions QB Matthew Stafford against the Detroit Lions, led by former Rams QB Jared Goff.

Rams playoff date, times, tv channel

The LA Rams (10-7) will travel to face the Detroit Lions (12-5) in the Wild Card Round on Sunday, Jan. 14 at 8 p.m. ET, and the game will air on NBC.

Who made the playoffs in the NFC?

The 49ers, Cowboys, Lions, Buccaneers, Eagles, Packers and Rams all clinched playoff spots. The NFC seeding is now as follows:

  1. San Francisco 49ers (12-5) - Win NFC West, Wild Card Round BYE
  2. Dallas Cowboys (12-5) - Win NFC East
  3. Detroit Lions (12-5) - Win NFC West
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-8) - Win NFC South
  5. Philadelphia Eagles (11-6)
  6. LA Rams (10-7)
  7. Green Bay Packers (9-8)

Wild Card Round dates, times, and scores

Saturday, Jan. 13
-Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans-1:30 pm PT (NBC)
-Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs - 5:00 pm PT (Peacock)

Sunday, Jan. 14
-Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills- 10:00 am PT (CBS)
-Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys - 1:30 pm PT (FOX)
-Los Angeles Rams at Detroit Lions - 5:00 pm PT (NBC)

Monday, Jan. 15
-Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers- 5:15 pm PT (ABC/ESPN)

Divisional Round dates and times

Saturday, Jan. 20-TBD

Sunday, Jan. 21 -TBD

Conference Championship dates and times

NFC Championshio Game, Sunday, Jan. 28 (FOX) — TBD

AFC Championship Game, Sunday, Jan. 28 (CBS)-TBD

Super Bowl date and time

Sunday, Feb. 11 (TBD)

Rams vs. Lions how to watch

  • Date: Sunday, Jan. 14
  • Game Time: 5:00 pm PT
  • Venue: NBC
  • Streaming live: Peacock and Fubo (free trial).
  • Los Angeles Rams Record: 10-7
  • Detroit Lions Record: 12-5

There will be a great deal to say about the LA Rams return to the NFL Playoffs, and we will be eager to do so. The LA Rams are hot right now. Will the momentum allow them to advance in the NFL Playoffs? Stay tuned . . .