LA Rams 2024 pre-draft meeting tracker: Meetings, projections, updated 4/22 1:00 pm

Los Angeles Rams, Sean Mcvay, Les Snead
Los Angeles Rams, Sean Mcvay, Les Snead / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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While LA Rams fans are not exactly paying much attention to the 2024 NFL Draft just yet, the Rams personnel department does not have the luxury of sitting back and enjoying the Rams' late-season success. This is the Christmas shopping season for scouts and personnel executives, the time with the past year's notes, field work, analysis, and report submissions all come to fruition.

Even now, with the legal tampering period of the 2024 NFL Free Agency market just hours away, the front office must balance their draft board with free agency targets. If the front office fails to reinforce the Rams roster with viable free agents or trades, then the fall back position is the 2024 NFL Draft, or the post-draft free agent market.

So far, the LA Rams are already hitting the track running on pre-draft meetings. So lets break down the positional groups so far:

Offense (10)

  • Offensive tackle - 3
  • Interior offensive lineman - 1
  • Running back - 2
  • Wide receiver - 3
  • Quarterback - 1

Defense (12)

  • Edge rusher - 4
  • Defensive lineman - 2
  • Defensive back - 5
  • LB - 1

Special Teams (1)

  • Kicker- 1

Now, why are the Rams meeting with prospects?

There are many reasons to do so. The most obvious answer is to interview the player and gauge his strengths, weaknesses, mindset, and even passion for the game. But there are other reasons to do so as well. The team may need to clarify questions or concerns over former injuries. There may be interest in trading up for the player, prompting an interview to asses the player's reaction in that scenario.