LA Rams 2024 schedule: Grudge matches, Rookie QBs, lots to love for Rams fans

Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams
Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Games for all the marbles

While every game on the schedule in the 2024 NFL season is important, some games take on greater importance due to the NFL Playoffs tie-breakers. To sum up what that means, the head to head competition among NFC teams plays a significant role in determining the berth of those teams. It was the loss to the Green Bay Packers on the road of Week 9 due to the need to start backup QB Brett Rypien that almost derailed the season due to the tiebreaker with the Packers.

Hosting San Francisco 49ers

We are almost assured that the NFC Western Division will come down to either the San Francisco 49er or the LA Rams. Since hiring HC Sean McVay, the Rams and the 49ers have claimed the division title three times apiece. The only other title team was the Seattle Seahawks who won the NFC Western Division in 2020 with a 12-4 record. With the hotly contested claim for the NFC West on the line, the team knows that beating the 49ers in head-on competition is the best way to assure the advantage in the final season rankings.

@ Seattle Seahawks

In a similar fashion, the LA Rams know that they cannot loosen their stranglehold on defeating their other NFC Western Division rivals. And the entire NFL knows that playing on the road to face the Seattle Seahawks is one of the toughest stadiums to compete in. While the expectations for the Seahawks have relaxed somewhat for 2024 due to a new head coach, the team cannot take the Seahawks lightly. They have a tough-minded defensive coach in charge now, which means that they will put up a fight.

Hosting Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are the cream of the NFC East. In the past, center Jason Kelce made it a point to ensure at least two offensive linemen were dedicated to block defensive tackle Aaron Donald on every play. But Kele is retired for the Eagles, and Donald is retired for the Rams. Now what?

Well, just as the Rams got red hot in the latter half of the 2023 NFL season, the wheels fell off for the Eagles. In fact, the Eagles lost five of their last six games in 2023. Compare that to the Rams winning seven of their last eight games, and you can see that these two teams are heading in opposite directions. The Eagles have certainly made an effort to reverse course from the alarming plummet in 2023. But did the team do enough? They did a fine job in the draft, but I don't know that will bring immediate relief. I believe the Rams will win this one at SoFi Stadium.