LA Rams 2024 schedule: Grudge matches, Rookie QBs, lots to love for Rams fans

Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams
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Look who stopped by for a visit?

The LA Rams will have an extra home game in 2024, which is always an added bonus for a West Coast team. Since many NFL teams make their home on the East Coast, travel for NFC Western Division teams is always a concern. Thankfully, that will be less of a factor in 2024.

Hosting Las Vegas Raiders

While rumors abounded with the LA Rams attempt to trade up for Georgia TE Brock Bowers, he landed n the Las Vegas Raiders. Another hot prospect linked to the Rams as well was IOL Jackson Powers-Johnson, one of the most rugged and power interior offensive linemen in this draft. But this is a team whose starting quarterback in 2024 will either be former Purdue QB Aiden O'Connell or journeyman QB Gardner Minshew. The Raiders had a solid draft, but I don't believe they have the firepower to earn a playoff berth just yet.

Hosting Green Bay Packers

After what feels like a decade of traveling to Green Bay, Wisconsin to face the Packers at Lambeau Field, the Rams finally get to stay in the comfort of SoFi Stadium to face the Packers. While the Packers invested into their offensive line and secondary through the 2024 NFL Draft, they were unable to bolster their defensive front. That could be problematic for a team that was only modestly better at generating pressure on opposing quarterbacks than the Rams defense. The Packers did not invest in offensive weapons either, which is mindblowing considering the abundance of receiver talent in this rookie class. The Packers and Rams have enjoyed parity for years. The Rams are pulling ahead now.

Hosting Miami Dolphins

Rams fans will instantly recognize at least three players on the Miami Dolphins roster. All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey has reunited with WR Odell Beckham Jr. for the 2024 NFL season. And the Dolphins drafted Penn State edge rusher Chop Robinson, a prospect that the Rams reportedly travelled to Happy Valley to visit with before the 2024 NFL Draft. The Dolphins were a successful team in 2023, and have added to the talent level of their roster with an impressive rookie class. The Rams will need to bring their A-game to win this one, even knowing that the game will be played at SoFi Stadium.

That's a quick overview of the Rams 2024 NFL schedule. Stay tuned as we will have lots more to say when the schedule is released.

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