LA Rams Aaron Donald sets record. Can you guess what it is?

Aaron Donald Los Angeles Rams
Aaron Donald Los Angeles Rams / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

Okay, so the LA Rams preseason record stands at 0-2. With just one more game remaining to play before the real football arrives, there is a mixture of consternation and concern beginning to creep in on Rams fans. And a little bit of concern can be a healthy thing this time of year. But I've read comments about the perception of the LA Rams chances this year that suggest that some fans are beginning to yield to doubts.

Hang in there.

While some teams continue to tune up their best players during the annual preseason games, the LA Rams have continued to feature their inexperienced rookies and bottom ranking players on the Rams depth chart in preseason contests. While that does not do much to bolster confidence in fans right now, it does serve to avoid injuries to the Rams starters.

And it adds a bit of shock value when those starters show up in Game 1, rested and ready to go to town.

Saving the best for last

I don't think that the 2022 NFL season has tarnished the stellar reputation of Aaron Donald among Rams fans one bit. But it's clear that his reputation took a serious hit when he missed eight games in the 2022 NFL season. That is why he appeared 11th among the best NFL players in the game today.

Still, Rams fans are not the only ones who hold Aaron Donald in such high regard. EA Sports video game Madden 24 has Aaron Donald ranked with a 99, the seventh consecutive year that he has been rated at the maximum value for the game.

And in case you are not connecting the dots quickly, that is an all-time record in the history of Madden.

So it's simply a matter of sitting back, watching Aaron Donal suit up, and letting him bring devastation to opposing offenses? While that is likely the outcome, Aaron Donald is not quite where he wants to be just yet.

After an injury-shortened season in 2022, ESPN has leveraged their projections for Aaron Donald's 2023 QB sacks total down to eight. If that number holds true, then that would tie Aaron Donald's lowest sack total of his career (barring the five sacks in just 11 games from 2022).

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I think that despite the young defense, veteran Aaron Donald is going to have a nice rebound this season. That translates into 12.0 quarterback sacks or better this season. After all, he just set the record for all-time in Madden at a 99 rating for seven consecutive years. And nobody wants to let down Madden.