LA Rams add this Clemson TE to help depth and scoring concerns

Davis Allen Clemson
Davis Allen Clemson / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

In many pre-draft discussions in the comment section and in forums for LA Rams fans, the conversation often turn to the hope and belief that the LA Rams draft class would include at least one tight end from the 2023 NFL Draft. After a long wait, that confidence was rewarded as the Rams finally pulled the trigger and selected a tight end.

The Rams used the 175th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft to select Clemson tight end Davis Allen. Allen is one of the players who found no common ground among NFL Draft analysts. Either they disliked him and projected him as an undrafted rookie, or they liked him very much and projected him as high as a Day 2 selection.

What we do know is that he has the right size to be a playmaker for the LA Rams at tight end, standing 6-foot-6 and weighing a robust 245 pounds. While he is cited as capable as a receiver, the consensus across all draft profiles is his ability to make and hold blocks at all levels and angles. And to be honest, at his size, I would be concerned a bit if he was unable to make blocks

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The reason the LA Rams like him here is that he has all of the raw fundamentals of their style of tight end. He can catch. He most certainly can block. But he is a bit raw on his route running, so he will likely be limited in his playing time in 2023.

The LA Rams are not exactly headlining the 2023 NFL Draft. But the players who are showing up in this LA Rams draft exhibit solid intelligence, good fundamentals, and a willingness to put in the grind to get better.

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That applies to Allen, who met with all 32 NFL teams at the senior bowl. Will he become a Pro Bowler? Perhaps not. But with the LA Rams roster in need of tight end depth to cover for the shortfall in 2024, he is a better than expected rookie prospect.