LA Rams amuse bouche: 7 sweets and 7 sours at halftime

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LA Rams amuse bouche: 7 halftime sours

VII: No Pass Rush - On a clear passing down, the Broncos quarterback Jarrett Stidham found himself on second down and 15 yards to go, but connected with Broncos WR Lil Jordan Humphrey for a 20 yard completion.

VI: Stidham perfect in opening drive - The Denver Broncos flexed their muscle in their opening drive, giving their starters the nod. In the opening drive, Broncos QB Jarrett Stidham was six of six for 71 yards.

V: Tre Tomlinson Penalty - Due to his size, LA Rams' rookie defensive back Tre Tomlinson is going to struggle in run support. But in a first down and goal to go from the four-yard line, Broncos WR Marvin Mims Jr. ran hard pushing for the end zone. Tre Tomlinson made a horrific penalty, setting up first down and goal to go. The Broncos scored a touchdown quickly afterward.

IV: Robert Rochell blew coverage - As if he had the room to spare, Rams DB gave up what appeared to be a huge TD reception to Marvin Mims Jr. Mims was called back, but the play still resulted in a 50-yard pass play.

III: Rams penalties - With the second possession of the Rams' offense, the Rams started sloppy. OT Warren McClendon got a false start, followed immediately by a delay of the game. McClendon would surrender a quarterback sack midway through the second quarter.

II: Stetson Bennett picked again - On a third down and 14 yards to go from the Rams' 36-yard line, rookie quarterback Stetson Bennett threw an ugly interception right into the hands of Broncos DB Essang Bassey. It was Bassey's third interception of the preseason.

I: Stetson Bennett picked off again - On another third down and 14 yards to go, Stetson Bennett dropped back once more, but threw another ugly interception right into the hands of a waiting Broncos linebacker Drew Sanders.