LA Rams amuse bouche: 7 sweets and 7 sours at halftime

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LA Rams amuse bouche: 7 halftime sweets

VII: Ronnie River can run - After an early penalty against the Broncos defense that set up the Rams on first down and five, WIth nine minutes to go, Rivers had run with the football six times for 32 yards.

VI: Rams pass defense tightened up - After starting out for a perfect seven of seven, the Rams defense forced Stidham to miss on his next five forward passes.

V: Shaun Jolly / Larrell Murchison TFL - After advancing the football to the LA Rams 25 yard line, DB Shaun Jolly shot the gap and DT Larrell Murchison finished off RB Jaleel McLaughlin for a four yard loss.

IV: Rams show discipline - in a penalty riddled game in the first quarter, the Rams committed just two penalties while the Denver Broncos were flagged for four penalties.

III: Rams generate a pass rush - Although the Rams defensive front did not generate a lot of pressure beyond OLB Zach VanValkenburg's hit on Broncos QB Jarrett Stidham that shook him up early in the game, the Rams did finally get home and bring down Stidham on a solid blitz from Rams DB Quindell Johnson. Johnson is a safety who loves to play in the box.

II: Ethans Evans can still kick the leather off the football - While turnovers limited the amount of work that he got, Rams rookie punter Ethans Evans continues to kick the heck out of the football. But the Rams still have work to do. His first punt arced 56 yards, but Broncos PR Marvin Mims Jr. returned the punt 19 yards. On his second punt of the first half, Evans punted the football 53 yards, but it landed in the Broncos end zone for a touchback.

I: RB Royce Freman returned a kickoff? When the Denver Broncos kicked the football to the LA Rams 18 yard line, RB Royce Freeman fielded the football and returned the ball to the LA Rams 33 yard line.

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The LA Rams enter halftime down by a score of 27-0. The Rams need to bounce back. But after a hapless first half, the Rams will need to find something inside to rise back up in the second half to even make this remotely competitive.