LA Rams amuse bouche: Preseason finale recap in 7 sweets and 7 sours

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LA Rams amuse bouche: 7 sours in 2nd half Game 3

VII: Rams receivers drops - In spite of the fight for a spot on the Rams roster, the receivers seemed to play with almost no sense of urgency in this one

VI: Tanner Brown misses FG - While we continue to be reassured that everything is okay, visions of Sam Sloman came rushing back after Rams rookie kicker Tanner Brown missed what should have been a very easy-to-make 39-yard field goal

V: DB Tyon Davis made stupid penalty - Broncos RB Dwayne Washington ran for 16 yards up the middle. Rather than make the tackle, Tyon Davis punched wildly at the football, leading to an unnecessary roughness penalty because Davis was caught punching the running back.

IV: Rams DBs were beaten almost at will - The Denver Broncos offense threw for over 300 yards of passing yarrds and one touchdown. The Rams offense had less than 150 yards with less than two minutes to go in this one.

III: Broncos sign guy off the street this week, scores a TD - The Denver Broncos signed wide receiver Josh Hammond off the street this week. No matter, he caught a three-yard touchdown pass with 2:00 minutes to go in this one. That put the Broncos up by a score of 41-0.

II: The Rams defense stank - The LA Rams allowed 34 points in each of the first two preseason games. Would the Rams do better? Not even close. The Rams allowed over 500 yards and 41 points in a game that left everyone believing that the Rams offense will need to score 40+ points per game to end the season at .500.

I: This game left a pungent taste in everyone's mouth - There are almost no positive 'feel good' stories to walk away from this one. The Denver Broncos were embarrassed a year ago by the LA Rams, a game that resulted in the firing of the Broncos head coach. This game clearly had an undertone of payback, and the Denver Broncos clearly got their revenge.