LA Rams amuse bouche: Preseason finale recap in 7 sweets and 7 sours

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LA Rams amuse bouche: 7 sweets in 2nd half of Game 3

VII: Ethan Evans finding the mark - In the third quarter, LA Rams rookie punter punted the football just 44 yards. But he forced the Broncos punt returner to fair catch the football at their own five-yard line.

VI: Rams finally force Broncos to punt - With more than nine minutes remaining in the third quarter, the LA Rams finally forced the Broncos to punt the football. Former Rams Riley Dixon boomed it 60 yards, but the Broncos were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, adding 15 yards to the end of trhe return.

V: WR Austin Trammel makes a big play - After the Rams defense forced a punt, backup quarterback Brett Rypien threw a strike to Austin Trammell which resulted in a 27 yard pass play, by far the best play of the Rams offense of the night.

IV: RB Zach Evans starts to heat up - With 9:17 remaining in the third quarter, the Rams turned to rookie running back to try to shake the Rams offense out of the doldrums.

III: Ethan Evans again - Rams punter Ethan Evans boomed a punt 57 yards at the 8:21 mark in the game, which was downed at the Broncos 12-yard line.

II: Marquise Copeland gets a sack - On a first and ten to go as the fourth quarter opened with the Broncos on the LA Rams 35 yard line, DT Marquise Copeland

I: LA Rams QB Dresser Winn makes his preseason debut - It may have been clean up in a game that was incredibly messy, but the LA Rams finally sent rookie QB Dresser Winn onto the field.

There is a lot to process from this game, and yes, much of the challenge is sorting through the rubble looking for something, anything, to walk away with in some form of positive takeaways. Did the Rams ever have a chance in this game? Nope. Neither the Rams offense nor defense did much of anything right.

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Will this LA Rams team get any wins this year? Well, we know that the Rams not only sat their starters, but the team did not suit up an additional 13 players in this one. The remaining players didn't stand a chance.

But one thing that I did think about after this game: The LA Rams will need to place their entire personnel department to work the NFL Waiver Wire. And perhaps more than any other season in the Rams' history, they will need to load up on a half dozen or more players who are released by other teams.