LA Rams and NFL laughs at 49ers for choosing a kicker on Day 2

Jake Moody Michigan
Jake Moody Michigan / Norm Hall/GettyImages

Yes, the LA Rams finished 5-12 in the 2022 NFL season, while the San Francisco 49ers finished with a record of 13-4 and lost in the NFC Championship Game for the second season in a row. This time, it was the Philadelphia Eagles who had the honors of sending the 49ers home.

But that does not suddenly give the San Francisco 49ers' front office a carte blanche to do whatever they please in the 2023 NFL Draft. What am I talking about? With their second selection of the 2023 NFL Draft and with the 99th overall pick, the 49ers chose kicker Jake Moody from the University of Michigan.

The most befuddling part of the pick was that the Niners had another pick at 101. Did they really expect another team to trade up to the 100th overall pick to poach their kicker out from under their nose?

The surprise was something that many considered to be a bit of a shock. But hey, there were those who found plenty of entertainment from the pick. This was a pretty common reaction as it started to sink in:

Before the vitriol starts to pour in, keep in mind that the greatest trollers of this pick was the fanbase of the San Francisco 49ers. Check out this tirade below:

There were plenty of other tirades too. To many reactions, this was a reach of a reach. The simple fact is that if the 49ers wanted to pick a kicker, why not at least trade back and pick up as little as a 2024 seventh round pick to do so. After all, the team had another pick at 101, right?

And of course, there are always the beloved LA Rams fans who are more than happy to return years of trolling back to the fans that love to show up in the stadiums and on the forums of other NFL teams:

The reactions were entertaining, to say the least

Did the 49ers fear losing Jake Moody to the LA Rams in Round 4? Was that the sudden urgency to make that pick on Day 2?

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Whatever the justification, it was clear that the San Francisco 49ers had no concerns about what anyone would think. Clearly, the team is so secure on their roster that a kicker was the best option to improve their roster. Is the 49ers' front office right? Well, we'll see.