LA Rams are not in 2023 to draft in better position in 2024

There seems to be some confusion about the LA Rams plans for the 2024 NFL Draft. Let's be clear: These LA Rams are not competing this year to be in a better position to draft next year.

Los Angeles Rams, Les Snead
Los Angeles Rams, Les Snead / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Even as the LA Rams seem to oscillate from an NFL team with postseason aspirations, to a team that is content to save their best efforts until after the Rams roster reloads through the 2024 NFL Draft, let's start trimming the spectrum of thoughts about this LA Rams team. The LA Rams are not playing in the 2023 NFL season to improve their position in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Let me repeat that again. The LA Rams are not competing in the 2023 NFL season with any eye or interest in improving their draft position in the 2024 NFL Draft. By all accounts, the Rams have already lost the opportunity to make the Top selection in the draft by winning three games.

The Rams are happy to draft in the optimal order of any NFL draft, but don't look for the team to be active agents in trying to improve that order.

Rams huge haul in 2023 NFL Draft was without a Round 1 pick

The LA Rams were able to add 14 rookies throughout the course of the 2023 NFL Draft, and the team has enjoyed remarkable success so far from a draft class that has jumped into the fray right out of the gates:

  • Day 2- Round 2  36th Overall - TCU IOL Steve Avila (starter)
  • Day 2 - Round 3  77th Overall - Tennessee OLB Byron Young (starter)
  • Day 2 - Round 3  89th Overall - Wake Forest NT Kobie Turner (starter)
  • Day 4 - Round 4 128th Overall -Georgia QB Stetson Benned (NFI/IR)
  • Day 3 - Round 5   161st overall - Appalachian St OLB Nick Hampton (backup)
  • Day 3 - Round 5   174th overall - Georgia OT Warren McClendon (backup)
  • Day 3 - Round 5  175th overall - Clemson TE Davis Allen (backup)
  • Day 3 - Round 5 177th overall - BYU WR Puka Nacua (starter)
  • Day 3 - Round 6   182nd overall - TCU CB Tre'Vius Hodges Tomlinson (backup)
  • Day 3 - Round 6   189th overall - Nebraska OLB Ochaun Mathis (backup)
  • Day 3 - Round 6   215th overall - Old Miss RB Zach Evans (starter)
  • Day 3 - Round 7  223rd overall - Wingate P Ethan Evans (starter)
  • Day 3 - Round 7   234th overall - Oklahoma St S Jason Taylor II (IR)
  • Day 3- Round 7 259th overall - Toledo DT Desjuan Johnson (backup)

With such a robust class of contributors, the LA Rams can approach the 2024 NFL Draft with a bit more selectiveness. While the Rams may have a position or two that will need to be addressed, the 2024 draft will have more margin of maneuverability in terms of selecting the best player graded when the Rams step up to the podium.

With a full NFL roster consisting of 53 players, and all 14 rookies from the Rams 2023 draft class making the roster this year, the Rams can pivot to upgrading the roster over filling a myriad of needs. And with the apparent success of the Rams drafting this year, that should prove to be a rather doable, and savvy, strategy for the 2024 NFL season.