LA Rams Behind the Grind series gives fans epic experience to draft

The LA Rams Behind the Grind series for 2024 is an epic insight into the behind the curtains look of this team that will become a journey to remember for a lifetime.
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams Minicamp, Sean McVay / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages
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Behind the Grind: Future Episodes

After the team's first two episodes of the 2024 Behind the Grind, fans have a solid sense of the Rams roster for 2024, or at least the 90-man training camp roster that will grind it out over the summer months. Of course, that serves to segue this team into OTAs and training camp with expertise in teasing and foreshadowing that will give fans a sense of who is competing and for which roles on the team.

If the 2024 BTG series follows the 2023 template, episode three will dive a bit more in-depth with some of the key personnel who will lead the team in 2024. That will likely include not just players, but key coaches as well. The producers of the series have plenty of options to choose from, as the team has once again restocked the roster as well as restaffed the coaches. Last year, this episode included OTAs, and that is almost certainly one of the chapters to be included in episode three for 2024 as well.

Episode four of the series will unveil the Rams 2024 training camp, and every aspect of competition that accompanies the annual event for the team. This episode will likely feature the interactions between players. There will be the heated competition among rookies who are vying for a roster spot. Contrasting that will be the opportunities for veteran players to mentor younger players throughout training camp.

There will be a lot of starting positions, roster spots, and playing time at stake throughout training camp, and that always makes compelling viewing for fans. Best of all, it's not something that is dependant upon someone else to point out. Rather, the episodes themselves can be viewed in part or in their entirety, at a fan's leisure. And, throughout the season, fans can return to these episodes to recapture the emotions of the moment.

After the final two episodes are available, we will revisit this series once more. Not to tell you what to view, but to summarize the videos, highlight the key chapters of each, and perhaps facilitate conversations among fans over their contents. In the end, these videos have take a lot of time and energy to compile. But having seen the first two, I can attest without hesitation that they are certainly worth it.

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