LA Rams can land in perfect draft situation thanks to Stetson Bennett

Los Angeles Rams Stetson Bennett
Los Angeles Rams Stetson Bennett / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

When the LA Rams selected former Georgia QB Stetson Bennett in Round 4 of the 2023 NFL Draft with the 128th overall pick, the pressure was on the player and the team. This was the first time in quite some time that the team seemed to have a deliberate plan in place to resolve the ongoing struggle with the backup quarterback position. And throughout training camp, the reports were positive and encouraging.

But by the time the season arrived, Stetson Bennett slipped quietly to the IR/NFI with no details and with no clear estimated time to return. If it were an ACL injury or a broken ankle, fans would have rallied around him and encouraged him heal quickly, be positive, and come back ready to play football.

But no details forced fans to await news, any news of the his status would only come when the team regrouped for the 2024 NFL season. Some fans are open to the possibility of Bennett earning a role with the team this season. Others are curiously irate, as though they deserved to know the details of his private life. Those fans have no time for Bennett now. But that is not how the LA Rams view the matter.

"He looks good."

LA Rams HC Sean McVay gave the first official word on the status of Stetson Bennett. And surprisingly, the report was every bit as positive and encouraging as the training camp reports from 2023.

So why should Rams fans care about Bennett in 2024 when the team has already added veteran QB Jimmy Garoppolo to the roster? Well, there are a couple of solid reasons to remain hopeful and optimistic over Bennett this year.

You see, Garoppolo must sit out the first two games of the 2024 NFL season as penalty for not adhering to the NFL's controlled substance policy. Because the first two games will force him to be absent from all team activities for two weeks, the Rams will need to have a backup quarterback on the roster just in case something happens to veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford. As of right now, the backup quarterback for Weeks 1 and 2 is Stetson Bennett.

It's unlikely that the Rams will need Bennett to step up during the first two games, but they have to have a Plan B just in case. And the team learned from the Week 9 struggles at Green Bay last season that skimping on the backup QB position can come back to bite the team down the road.

But there is more to this than just two games in 2024.

More options with Bennett on board

The Rams need to plan for the future. I'm not asserting that Bennett is a future starting franchise quarterback for the Rams. But if the team has to make a decision between drafting a quarterback in 2024 or a player who is likely to earn significant playing time, I want the front office to have the option to choose the more immediate contributor.

The status of Stetson Bennett right now gives the team the option of carrying him in 2024 on the practice squad if a more promising QB prospect shows up in the 2024 NFL Draft. Or the team can enter the 2024 season as is at quarterback. After all, Bennett did have a full training camp with the Rams in 2023, so there is a lot of coaching already under his belt.

Not every player on the roster needs to be an All-Pro today or a future superstar. If Bennett earns a spot with the team, becoming a serviceable backup quarterback who can score with his legs and his arm can be enough. And just for fun, the relative index of Stetson Bennett in 2023 is nearly identical to that of Spencer Rattler in 2024, and we know how many positive stories have been written pre-draft about Rattler in this offense.

Yes, it would be great for the Rams to have the future franchise on the roster in 2024. But it would also be great to have two starters on the defensive line, an additional outside linebacker, an interior linebacker, a kicker, a tall wide receiver, etc. You get the point.

One less 'need,' to fill for the roster sets the team up perfectly in the 2024 NFL Draft. Yes, the team can still add a quarterback. But the front office will not need to manufacture an opportunity to add a hurler to this roster.

Ultimately, you can only hope that the front office makes the right decisions to make the best overall improvements to the roster. With QB Stetson Bennett on the roster once more, those upgrades may be better suited for other positions.