LA Rams DB Rapp and DL Robinson are drawing NFL interest

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A very passionate A'Shawn Robinson may be on the move

I'm deeply disappointed in the LA Rams likelihood of losing veteran defensive lineman A'Shawn Robinson. When he arrived from the Detroit Lions, his former head coach Matt Patricia had created a pretty hostile work environment for Robinson. It was clear early on that A'Shawn Robinson is a passionate, capable, and dominating player.

But he is a player who will give his all if he feels like his team is a fit. With the LA Rams, he most definitely felt like a fit. But let's talk about why he is one of the top free agents available. You see, DL A'Shawn Robinson stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 330 pounds. He is a seven-year NFL veteran, so he is hitting his prime playing days. While he can show up in the pass rush, that is not his strong suit.

Robinson could sign with the NY Giants on Monday, March 20

Right now, A'Shawn Robins is on his way to meet with the New York Giants on Monday, March 20, 2023. I would be incredibly surprised if he leaves without a contract. He is ideally suited to play on a tough, physical NY Giants defensive front. Likewise, the Giants fans will truly appreciate the smoldering intensity of Robinson.

A'Shawn Robinson is a blocker-gobbler, a player who hold the line of scrimmage and dares anyone to try to get past him. Even when double-teamed, he seldom misses the chance to bring down a running back trying to slip past him. He is a guy who shows up bigger and bigger as games become more and more important.

Like former New York Giants legend, TE Mark Bavaro, Robinson is a guy who let's his play on the football field do his talking. He is a player who is truly appreciated by the most astute fans, those who view a player's effectiveness and do not stop at the stats alone to assess a player's contribution.

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It appears as though the LA Rams will be losing two more veteran contributors from the defense. But pruning today simply creates new opportunities for players who may or may not be on the Rams roster. Facing change is never comfortable. But change is vitally necessary for an LA Rams team that very much appeared to hit the wall in 2022. While goodbyes are never easy, don't lose sight that they are soon followed by a warm welcome and hello.